After an Auto Accident: Should You Call the Police?

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Everyone is shaken up after an auto accident. Without a plan, most people don’t know what to do. One of your first courses of action should always be to call the local police. Law enforcement show up to all motor accidents, particularly when there is vehicle damage or personal injuries. Now, if you’re in an accident where injuries are present or uncertain, you should always call emergency services first. The police will show up with the emergency crew.

Why You Should Call the Police

Most accidents involve extensive damage to the vehicle. Even if there are no personal injuries, odds are you’re going to have to file an insurance claim. What’s worse, you may end up in court over a car accident. Officers are there to document the case. A few of the benefits to calling for help from the police include:

  • Investigation of the accident
  • Protection of the accident scene
  • Provide emergency care
  • Report of the accident

Remember to get the officer’s badge number and name following the accident so that you can receive a report when it’s available. This is a crucial document for your car accident attorney to have if the case goes to court.

When You Should Call the Police

After an accident, you should always call the police. Even in a minor fender bender with no injuries, you will want the police there. An officer will help you sort out the accident. He or she will help you document the case and gather evidence. Likewise, if there are any vehicles blocking the road, then you absolutely want an officer there. This is also true if there are any disputed damages.

What to Do When You Call the Police

While it depends on the severity of the accident, usually you will have a few minutes before the police show up. If it’s a minor car accident, the police may take longer. While you wait for the cop’s arrival, you can assess the situation, gather evidence and attempt to protect the scene from any further damage. Also, make sure that you watch what you say while on the scene. Sometimes, a driver may accidentally admit guilt while talking with other drivers.

After an auto accident, no one would blame you for not knowing who to contact. Even minor fender benders can shake the driver and passengers up quite a bit. In some cases, the officer may just tell you to exchange information, but in every case, it’s important to call someone. Even if it’s not an emergency, there are more benefits to calling the police.

Source: car accident attorney in Silver Spring, MD, Cohen & Cohen, P.C.

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