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Catastrophic Personal Injuries and Your Entitlement to Compensation

Personal injuries range from broken bones to strains and sprains. If you’ve heard the term “catastrophic personal injury,” you may begin to wonder what that entails beyond a regular injury. What is a catastrophic injury, and are you entitled to more compensation if your injury is deemed as catastrophic? The following goes over the basics.

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Who Provides Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits in case an employee is injured on the job. It benefits the worker by paying for medical care and even lost income while they recover from an on-the-job accident. Workers’ compensation also benefits employers by protecting them from lawsuits by the injured worker. Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees regardless of

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer 3 Things to Know Before Taking a Motorcycle Accident Settlement Every motorcycle accident is unique. The settlement process with the insurance company depends on many factors. If you’ve been offered a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company, you might be wondering if you should take it. Here are three things that

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DWI Penalties: 5 FAQs

DWI Lawyer Being charged with driving while intoxicated can change your life forever. Not only will you have to appear in court, but it could also cost you the loss of your job and the respect of friends and family. There are also many other penalties and consequences, and knowing what they are before appearing

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