Types of Truck Accident Cases

Truck Accident Cases

There are many different kinds of trucks, accidents involving trucks, and truck accident cases. 

Large trucks are an important part of our nation’s economy. Trucks that carry goods and livestock are a common sight on U.S. highways, interstates and roads. Although large trucks are essential to the demands of our growing population, they can pose a high risk to motorists. When truck drivers are negligent in the way they drive, or if a company is negligent in maintaining a truck to a reasonable standard of care, the accidents this can cause can be devastating. 

Truck Accident Personal Injury Claims

When someone is injured because of the negligence, malice or recklessness of someone else, the injured person may be entitled to compensation for expenses related to their injuries through a personal injury claim. In the horrific event someone has died in a truck accident, their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation. 

Many people recommend enlisting the help of a personal injury lawyer to make a truck accident claim. In the event that they cannot get the injured person and/or their family the amount of money they are entitled to and deserve, their claim may turn into a court case. Personal injury cases are typically tried before a jury with a judge presiding over them and the case, or in a trial with only a judge making the decision about the outcome of the case.

Types of Truck Accidents

Some of the greatest devastation on the highways come from accidents involving large trucks. Largely because of their size, their potential for causing catastrophic injuries and considerable property damage is greater than smaller trucks and other kinds of automobiles typically do. 

Common types of truck accidents include but are not limited to:


A jackknife is when a truck’s cab and its trailer form a right angle. This is often caused by the driver braking hard and quickly.

Blind Spot

Large trucks have more and much bigger blind spots than most smaller vehicles. Even though these trucks are fortified with large mirrors to increase their view of their surroundings, it is common for drivers to not see smaller vehicles when doing things such as lane changes, turns, and coming up to extra low vehicles that they do not see, etc.

Lost Load

Improperly loaded and improperly secured loads are prone to falling out of trucks and off of open truck beds. For vehicles and pedestrians who are near when this happens, it can be very dangerous.

Wide Turns and Weight Because of their size, most large trucks cannot make tight turns and can have difficulties with things such as going too fast on curves. Their sheer weight makes them slow to speed up and slow down. These things alone or in combination with each other can cause  devastating accidents.

There are many types of truck accidents and truck accident cases not mentioned here. If you are seeking legal advice about your particular situation, it is important to get this from a lawyer that is licensed to protect the rights of injured people in the jurisdiction where your injury took place.

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