When you take time to plan out your future, you need to consider what will happen to your estate – no matter how big or small. Your assets will have to be divided and distributed amongst your family and friends, and whether you leave behind instructions for that distribution is up to you. Fortunately, an estate planning lawyer can help you navigate all the specifics.

When you reach out to an estate planning lawyer, you’re taking an important step to securing a future for your loved ones. When you die, they’ll be dealing with grief. The last thing they would want is endless legal paperwork and infighting over assets you’ve left behind for them. An estate planning lawyer can help you keep things clear for your family and friends, and after you get in touch with your legal team, they can grant you valuable peace of mind about what will happen to your legacy after your death.

As an estate planning lawyer can explain, most people assume that lawyers can help you create a will or living trust. However, the services provided by an estate planning lawyer go far beyond simply drafting wills and helping you decide who gets what after your death. Read on to learn more about the many services offered by estate planning lawyers.

Beyond Wills and Trusts

Estate planning lawyers do more than just wills and trusts. If your estate is big enough, it might be severely reduced due to estate taxes upon your death. And if you have any hopes of donating a substantial amount of money to charity, those taxes can take a huge chunk out of the intended amount. Fortunately, an estate planning lawyer can help you protect your money and reduce your tax burden.

An estate planning lawyer can also minimize other expenses. When it’s time for your assets to be divided amongst your beneficiaries, your lawyer can take certain measures to minimize any fees associated with the probate process. By minimizing fees and expenses, your lawyer will make sure your family friends get as much as possible from whatever you’ve left behind for them.

Of course, one of the most helpful things a lawyer can do is provide important information and advice about what comes next. Probate is a complicated and challenging process, and it’s always helpful to have a qualified legal advisor standing by for your family in case they have any questions about what they should expect when it’s time to divide your estate.

Additionally, your estate planning lawyer can help you establish guardianship for any family members that you are no longer able to care for, and powers of attorney that are activated in the event of your incapacitation. Nobody exists in a vacuum, and if you have children, disabled relatives, or elderly parents that you’re looking out for, planning for guardianship is a good way to ensure they are comfortable and cared for after your death.

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