If you take nothing else away from this article, take this one thing: insurance adjusters are not your friends. They work for the insurance company, which means they have ulterior motives when they speak to you after an accident, as a personal injury lawyer, can explain. There are at least eight reasons, despite what the adjuster may tell you, to hire a lawyer.

1. Education and Court Experience

Unless you have also graduated from law school and passed your state bar exam, then you should never go toe-to-toe with insurance company attorneys. The legal team for your insurer will not play nice; they will take anything you say about an accident to manipulate their way out of a settlement or liability. Take advantage of the education and experience of a practiced personal injury lawyer.

2. Settlement Negotiations

A great deal of a lawyer’s education involves learning and understanding legal jargon and negotiation tactics. Insurance companies would rather you make claims without legal representation because they know that the layperson does not understand the legality of their claim, which allows the insurer to low-ball offers and intimidate claimants.

3. Interpersonal Skills

Another reason to hire an attorney, despite an adjuster’s advice, is to enjoy the benefits of their interpersonal skills. Lawyers build professional relationships with people on both sides, which means they understand the strategies of opposing counsel, giving you better opportunities during settlement talks.

4. Objectivity

Rarely, an insurance company will make a fair first-time settlement offer, which too many victims agree to. A personal injury attorney can provide an objective view of your injuries and their worth, so you can better understand the presented offer and whether it is worth taking.

5. Litigations

Argumentation in a courtroom is different from settlement talks. There is a level of decorum in a court that must be respected. If you do not know the rules of courtroom etiquette, then it is best to hire an attorney.

6. Paperwork

Lawsuits are often burdened with cumbersome paperwork. You need to keep track of deadlines and multiple files without skipping a beat. If you struggle to stay organized, then that is reason enough to hire an attorney.

7. Resources

Insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney because they want to limit your resources. A lawyer gives you access to a legal team, allowing for the creation of a better and more legally grounded claim.

8. Better Odds

Insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney because they know the odds. Filers without legal representation often fail before a trial or settle for significantly less than they could expect in court.

Do you want to file a claim? Hire a personal injury attorney first.