The brain is the center of the human body. It is the master controller and the thing that makes every other part of your body function. When the brain sustains damage, it can have repercussions for other parts of the body. A head injury is categorized as catastrophic, meaning it can drastically alter the way you live your life. You could come out of it with a loss of function of one or multiple parts of the body. You may also live a shorter life. Discover some of the symptoms that may develop should that accident have caused a traumatic brain injury.

Intense Head Pain

With no outward sign of head trauma, how would you know if you have damage? One of the first signs of an injury is intense head pain that worsens over time. Headaches themselves are not indicative of a traumatic brain injury; however, those that intensify even when you have taken pain medication are. Other things may come along with these headaches, such as nausea, vomiting, and vertigo.

Sensory Changes

Depending on where the brain is hurt, you could start to lose one or all of your senses. Suddenly, being unable to smell or taste may be a sign that something is amiss in the brain. Other sensory changes may include things like:

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Blurred vision
  • Metallic taste

When you experience changes after a crash, you may want to get checked.

Sleep Issues

A change in brain patterns may start affecting your sleep. The brain uses rest as a way to recharge and heal itself. You may suddenly be extremely tired all the time, or you may not be able to sleep. Brain trauma that results in too much sleep may be dangerous as you may fall unconscious and become comatose. Being awake and not having a way for the brain to repair itself at night may also cause other problems that have nothing to do with the trauma.

Speech Problems

After a crash, you may feel like you are having a difficult time coming up with the words to speak. Either you cannot find the right way to say something, or what you do say may come out wrong. You may also begin slurring your words, and people may feel like maybe you sound intoxicated. This may be signs of brain injury and possible paralysis.

Getting help immediately after a crash is imperative to helping diagnose a brain injury and start healing from it. A lawyer, like a brain injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from Eglet Adams, can advocate with the insurance company to get you the medical care required.