Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Children aren’t the only ones who ride bicycles these days. Many adults use their bicycle as a mode of transportation and ride on busier streets, which may present additional risks. Here are some common mistakes new bicyclists make.]

Failing to Use Turn Signals

If you have mainly ridden a bike on quiet suburban streets, you might not be used to signaling turns on your bicycle. When riding on busy streets, cyclists have to follow the same traffic laws as motorists, including using the proper turn signals. For example, when you want to make a left-hand turn, pull out your left arm. Doing this will also make you more visible to other motorists.

Wearing Headphones

Listening to your favorite tunes while riding your bicycle can definitely be enjoyable. However, it’s not very safe. If you wear headphones while riding your bicycle, you won’t be able to hear what’s going on around you, such as sirens or other vehicles honking. This can increase your risk of getting into an accident.

Riding Against Traffic

Some bicyclists who aren’t used to riding on busy roads might ride against traffic. It’s important to ride with the traffic to prevent getting into a collision with motorists and pedestrians. 

Not Wearing a Helmet

If you ride your bicycle as an adult, you may likely travel longer distances in heavier traffic, which can put you at great risk of getting into a collision. That’s why wearing a helmet is extra important. Although a helmet might not prevent you from getting into an accident, it can at least reduce your risk of serious head injuries during a collision.

Braking Too Late

Coming to a safe and complete stop requires you to anticipate your braking. For instance, you want to start braking before you get to a red light rather than waiting until you are actually at the red light. If you brake too late, you may lose control of your bike and risk an accident.

What to Do If You Were Injured in a Bicycle Accident

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident caused by another motorist, you may be entitled to compensation. If possible, take several photos of the accident scene, including damage to your bicycle and visible injuries. Then, get emergency medical attention. Even if you don’t feel too bad, you could still have serious injuries.

It’s also important to consult a bicycle accident lawyer, like one from Burton Law Firm, about your legal options.